We believe short iterations deliver great experience and products

  1. Everything begin with a design consultant meeting
    Together we understand your goal and ideas, then we develop the user flow, wireframe, high fidelity mockups and clickable prototype for your web / mobile app.

  2. We build your app one week at a time.
    Our Project Manager prepare weekly builds and reports, so your users can try the app earlier, you can track our progress better, and we can get your feedback faster.

  3. We embrace iterations and changes
    As the app start to take shape, we expect scope and features need to be changed. We don’t want you to get bounded by a fixed scope and build features end up not necessary.

  4. You own the code and repository
    You own the code and the git repository — that meant you have the complete commit logs and history of how the code build up day-to-day.

  5. We’re experienced with startups
    We are very experience with helping startups to refine its MVP scope, build clickable prototypes for investors, usability test session and focus group; We have state-of-the-art development process.


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